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The Monday Shuffle


Every Monday I shuffle my entire MP3 collection in iTunes and list the first ten songs that play.  Here are the ten tunes I heard today with a personal story about one of them.

  1. blink-182 - Dammit
  2. Soundgarden - Nothing To Say
  3. Gowan - Out of a Deeper Hunger
  4. Radiohead - True Love Waits
  5. Smashing Pumpkins - Sweet Sweet
  6. Van Halen - Ice Cream Man
  7. Von Bondies - Crawl Through the Darkness
  8. The Band - Stage Fright
  9. Metallica - The Prince
  10. Radiohead - Dollars and Cents

"True Love Waits" is one of my favourite Radiohead songs, but it never appeared on a studio album.  The version I have is from I Might Be Wrong, an official collection of live songs from back in 2001.

I liked "True Love Waits" so much I threw it on my 100 wedding song playlist for my brothers wedding.  Last I checked, they were still together, which means this song works.

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