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The Insult That Didn't Insult


I played ball tonight with Raging Storm and once again we were down early before clawing back and taking the lead.  This time though, we ended up on the losing end of a tight one.

For the second week in a row, tempers flared.  Last week there was the incident with Chris from RobArts Rage and tonight I took exception to some bitching and moaning from certain members of the opposition.  One guy threatened to beat me like a red headed step child, but when I got in his face and urged him to follow through, another guy shoved me away and mumbled something about me being "Mr. 1984".

I returned the field and stared this chap down, and he came back with the same "Mr. 1984" reference.  Suddenly it hit me.  I only play ball wearing the retro Blue Jays logo I know and love from our glory days.  His Mr. 1984 insult was in regards to the fact the logo on my hat was from that era.

Did he think this fact would humiliate me or embarrass me?  It was the best thing I heard all day and I was honoured.  Every once in a while I'll get hit with an insult that isn't insulting at all.  You can carve Mr. 1984 on my tombstone and I won't mind a bit.  Well, except for the being dead part.  That would suck.

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