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The Great Facebook Surrender?


A few months ago I wrote about my great Facebook and MySpace resistance.  MySpace turned my stomach, and although I had no Facebook experience, I decided to lump the two social networking portals together and see how long I could resist them.

A group of people I run with decided all communication would be done through a Facebook group.  This left me with two choices.  I could continue my great Facebook resistance and be left in the dark and without running support or I could suck it up and join Facebook.  I decided to join Facebook... sort of...

Toronto Mike joined Facebook, but he didn't use his actual name and he didn't share his high school, university or any other identification that would attract old friends, acquaintances and otherwise.  Toronto Mike has been on Facebook for a solid half hour now and it's nothing like MySpace.  It's actually got a pleasant interface, seems rather intuitive and there's no multimedia being shoved down my throat from parts unknown.  It's like MySpace for sensible adults, and that's a very good thing.

This ends my great Facebook resistance.  My great MySpace resistance, however, shows no sign of weakness.

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