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My Offline Challenge: Week Fifteen


You're excused for not reading my weekly running updates.  I'm actually writing these for myself so I can look back and check out the progress.

Week fifteen was pretty good.  I had a good run on Sunday morning (4k), an awesome run on Tuesday (7k) and a nice little run last night (3k).  They sure don't push us very hard in the 5k clinic.  I really should have skipped on over to the 10k clinic, but I pre-paid for this one and decided to plod along as planned.  That 7k run was outside the clinic and was my favourite run of the week by a long shot.

I'm noticing several benefits of this new hobby.  I have more energy, feel zippier, and, I've been told, have lost a little weight and look rather "chiseled".  I'm okay with that.

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