basketballI know I'm late on this one, but I'm a busy dude. This awesome video from the NBA shows LeBron James single handedly winning a playoff game Thursday night against the Pistons. James scored 29 of his team's last 30 points. There was actually an hour and ten minutes at the end of this game when no Cavalier other than James scored. That's incredible.

That's Jordanesque.

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Clemmie Boerst

After game 3 Wade stated that his team mates wanted the ball in the hands because "he's been here before" So has Lebron although on the losing side. He knows what it's enjoy playing in a championsh­ip game. Well, the ball being in Wade's hand , didn't work to well in game 4. Never take your eyes off of the ball. Wade and Bosh played well in game 4 but couldn't squeak out victory with out more offensive input from LeBron. Also the turnovers and insufficient defensive stops when it matters dosn't help either.

June 10, 2011 @ 12:04 PM

Carin Krushansky

The possible lack of respect shown towards Coach Spoelstra should tell you what kind of players he had to deal with all season. I can't believe he didn't have a nervous breakdown. With this quantity of talent and ego on that team he was literally out of his league. You could tell during timeouts and ESPN's endless love for the Heat by showing the coach talking to them in the locker room that they were tuned out. What coach would want to coach player's who won't listen simply because they may need to play together, thus costing them endorsemen¬t deals, etc., with fewer points per game, etc?

June 15, 2011 @ 12:04 PM

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