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A Pox On Chris From RobArts Rage


When Raging Storm plays, sometimes it's just not blog-worthy.  Last night we played a late night double header in Mississauga and it was indeed blog-worthy.

We smoked RobArts Rage in the opening game, 14-5.  Solid defence, timely hitting, you know the drill.  It was otherwise uneventful, but the main event was yet to come.

In the second game, RobArts Rage put up five in the 1st and four in the 2nd and had a commanding lead before we started to claw back.  I sincerely like this year's Raging Storm team, it's full of character and talent and we're never out of a ball game.  In the sixth inning, we completed the comeback, and as Kic rounded third to score, he shot up an arm in celebration.  This is when things turned nasty.

Chris, the RobArts Rage third baseman, totally lost his cool and did the unthinkable.  He wound up and drilled the ball into Kic's back as he scored.  Chris was headhunting, and our bench emptied.  I've played in this league for years and I've seen people lose their cool (including yours truly).  Sometimes there's a little shoving or a push, but this was the first time I saw someone deliberately intend to injure.  The ball could have hit Kic in the head.

Chris was kicked out the game.  I think he should be kicked out of the league.  We scored a few more after the incident and won the game 19-15, but a pox has been placed on Chris of RobArts Rage.

If there's a rematch later in the season, you might want to get your tickets early.  This time, it's personal.

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