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The Holiday Monday Shuffle


I haven't done this since December, but it used to be a weekly feature.  I'd shuffle my entire MP3 collection and list the first ten songs that play.  Here are the ten tunes I heard today with a personal story about one of them.

  1. Annihilation - A Perfect Circle
  2. Rebirth - Public Enemy
  3. She Says What She Means - Sloan
  4. Joey - Concrete Blonde
  5. Taste It - INXS
  6. I Could Never Be That Man - Blue Rodeo
  7. So Hard Done By - The Tragically Hip
  8. It's Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland) - Barenaked Ladies
  9. Ride Like Hell - Big Sugar
  10. Bourgeois Blues - Leadbelly

Who didn't like INXS?  I practically wore out the Kick cassette tape because it was a tremendous play-through.  INXS peaked with 1987's Kick and ten years later Michael Hutchence would be dead.

Just before his death, Hutchence filmed a role in the movie "Limp", directed by my bud Duane Lavold, better known as Custom.  When I interviewed Custom a couple of years ago, I asked him about Hutchence.  What he told me was quite revealing.

Q: I consider INXS's "Kick" to be one of the finest pop-rock albums ever.  You directed Michael Hutchence in "Limp" just before his tragic death in 1997.  What kind of guy was he?  Did you notice anything out of the ordinary with Michael in late '97?
A: Michael was an amazing guy.  He was incredibly dedicated, charismatic, creative, fun to be around and down to earth.  He was really a 'rock star'.  That may sound like a weird thing to say, but there are lots of famous musicians and then there are 'stars'.  He had that.  Magnetism.  Like even people who didn't know him, would feel something, look up when he entered a room.
Q: Speaking of "Limp", why was it never released and how does one get access to it in order to actually view it?
A: Michael passed away shortly after principle photography.  That led to a myriad of complications, obviously, that are too vast and complicated to discuss here.  There are no plans for release at this point.
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