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My Offline Challenge: Week Twelve


Tonight I began my twelfth week of running with week one of the 5k clinic.  There were 25 others in the clinic but not one other face I recognized.  It's as if my parents moved away and I'm starting at a new school and missing my old friends.

Jennifer, our instructor, wanted us to run 2k, recording our times at the 1k and 2k marks.  She wanted this information so she could plan our runs, likely creating an A team, B team and C team, which naturally happened during my Learn to Run clinic.  My times were 5:20 and 11:14, making me a close second in the group.  In all honesty I held back during the first km because I was out in front by my lonesome, but I was legitimately caught during the second km by some dude who looked like John Elway.

I've been running three 10 and 1s for a while now.  In fact, on Sunday morning Maja and I ran three 10 and 1s with ease, which made today's 2k almost laughable.  I think I'm going to stick with this group and supplement these runs with longer runs throughout the week.  At least that's the plan.

Whereas the Brit was not quite a girl, not yet a woman, I'm not quite a 5k-er but not yet a 10k-er.

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