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Miller's Country Fare Bait and Switch


I'm a brunch guy.  I can go for brunch any time of the day.  It can be 8pm and I'll be more than happy to do brunch.  For my money, nothing beats a cup of coffee, French toast and good conversation.

It was a week late, but today we took my mom out for brunch at Miller's, which is located at 5140 Dundas Street West, across the street from where my high school was, before they tore it down to put up condos.  I chose Miller's for brunch based on their website (warning, annoying music will play).  In particular, they post a weekend brunch menu (no music on this page) which promises "Two slices of French toast, homemade maple butter and syrup. Served with bacon and sausage, home-fried potatoes, choice of tea or coffee. $6.95".  Sold!

The waiter gave us menus this morning that didn't look anything like the menus online.  I actually asked him for the weekend brunch menu and got a confused look.  I mentioned and what's currently featured there, but all I got was a blank look.  The waiter and cooks had no idea what I was talking about.

The Miller's Country Fare website is definitely for 5140 Dundas Street West, but where's the disconnect.  My best guess is this restaurant is under new management, now has a completely new menu, but the old "official" site lives on in cyberspace.  Am I the first guy to question why their menu is so different from the one online?  What happens when establishments change owners but old corporate sites live on, likely prepaid for a number of years?

Sadly, there was no French toast on the menu, and I ended up with good ol' bacon and eggs.  Next time, I'm going back to the Dundas Street Grille where there is no bait and switch.

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