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Jolt Was Our School Yard Crack


In 1985, Jolt Cola was all the buzz in the school yard of St. Pius X at Jane and Bloor.  When it was launched, we would discuss it secretly as if it was crack cocaine.

The marketing push was based on the fact Jolt Cola was "All the sugar and twice the caffeine."  To a collection of ten year olds, that was liquid gold.  We would talk about buying a can at the local variety store and getting high on this stuff.  Legend had it two sips would have you bouncing off the walls.  Anything this bad for you had to be really, really good.

I had one can, found it too sweet, and never had another taste of Jolt Cola.  The build up was better than the reality, as is often the case.  Today, school yards probably have talk of scoring real crack cocaine.  In 1985, we were all about the Jolt.

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