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James Bow has asked if anyone remembers Blinky, the police car used by the Metropolitan Toronto Police to promote child safety.  He remembers Blinky, as do I, and when he hit the web to learn what Blinky's up to now he stumbled upon my first Blinky entry  and my follow up a year later.

At the conclusion of his entry, James Bow issues a challenge of sorts.

Also, judging from the picture, I’m almost sure that Blinky has undergone a few incarnations since the 1970s, if this picture is any indication, but looking through the Net, there is unfortunately no history page available chronicling this Toronto character. Mike, I’m looking at you. Care to take the challenge?

I agree with James, it's a damn shame there is no definitive history of Blinky on the web.  I remember him well, even if I misremembered him driving himself.  I sure remember him talking though, and I can even remember his voice which seems to have been silenced.  I'm surprised the Metropolitan Toronto Police don't have a page dedicated to Blinky and his history in this city.  It's really their bag, and I suspect digging for historical Blinky nuggets would require time I simply don't have right now.

What do you remember about Blinky?

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