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Conversations With My Kids


Kids say the darndest things.  I love conversing with my kids because they're so brutally honest and unintentionally funny it's always entertaining.

Periodically I'm going to share conversations I have with them.  James is five and Michelle is two, and here's a discussion we had recently.

James: My allegiance is to the Republic!  To Monoxacree!
Daddy: Monoxacree?  I'm pretty sure that word is Democracy.
James: Dem-ox-acree.
Daddy: Democracy.  (In my best Obi-Wan) My allegiance is to the Republic, to Democracy!
James: Democracy!
Michelle: Good job, James!

We talk an awful lot about the Star Wars universe and superheroes.  Here's a related discussion we had on the weekend.

Daddy: If Spider-Man fought Darth Vader, who would win?
James: Nobody beats Spider-Man - Darth would lose!
Daddy: But what about his Sith powers?  Surely his Sith powers would be too strong for Spider-Man.
James: Actually, Spider-Man is too strong.  He'd beat Darth.
Michelle: I'm Wonder Woman...
James: Michelle, we're talking about Spider-Man and Darth Vader, not Wonder Woman.
Daddy: Wonder Woman would beat up Darth Vader and Spider-Man and would look good doing it.
Michelle: (To the tune from the theme song) Wonder Woooomaaaaan!

I'll share more, soon.  There's an endless supply of content.

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