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A Canadian Quest


It all started with an email from Jim.

Canada Day is coming up fast. I have never heard of a radio station collecting votes for the best Canadian songs of all time. And of course most of them would be restricted by their own formats (e.g. The Edge doesn't play BTO or Neil Young; Q107 can't play Billy Talent or Sam Roberts). So I got to thinking that your blog might be a good place to collect people's votes for the top 100 Canadian songs of all time.
I put together my own top ten list here, if this inspires others to make their own.
  1. New Orleans is Sinking - the Hip
  2. Heart of Gold - Neil Young
  3. Nothing to Lose -  Billy Talent
  4. American Woman -  The Guess Who
  5. Takin'  Care of Business -  BTO
  6. Nautical Disaster - the Hip
  7. Hasn't Hit me Yet -  Blue Rodeo
  8. Old Man - Neil Young
  9. 4 am -  Our Lady Peace
  10. Tom Sawyer- Rush

Jim, I now know why God placed me on this earth.  I'm supposed to put together the definitive list of the best 100 Canadian tunes.  I once wrote about my Ten Canadian Tracks, but this is different.  This is the top 100 Canadian tunes of all-time.

Here's how we'll do this.  Every couple of days I'll post ten great Canadian tracks in no particular order.  Your job is to leave songs you think belong on the list in the comments of these entries, starting with this one.  By July 1, I'll have a nice list of 100 to unveil.

It's nice to have a purpose in life.

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