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The Alphagetti Gobbler


Yesterday Michelle was Wonder Woman and James was Spider-Man.  They asked me to be the Green Goblin.  Somehow, at that precise moment, "goblin" sounded like "gobbler" and I blurted out something I hadn't thought about in at least a couple of decades.  I told them I was the Alphagetti Gobbler.

I remember these ads for Alphagetti, or is it Alpha Getti, Alphaghetti or perhaps Alpha-Ghetti?  A kid would say to this flying spaghetti monster-like creature "You're the Alphagetti Gobbler!"  I went to YouTube in the hopes I'd be able to see the Alphagetti Gobbler but came up empty.  Googling this creature from my youth didn't help either.

Taryn remembers the ads, but I'm wondering if this was just a Canadian thing or perhaps even more localized than that.  Do you remember the Alphagetti Gobbler?

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