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Big Daddy is Smooth Word to Muther


There was a trend in the late 80s and early 90s where every hip-hop album contained a track that featured all the MCs taking turns.  One by one they'd drop their rhymes in their style and they'd go down the line.  One of my favourites was "Down the Line" which appeared on Big Daddy Kane's Taste of Chocolate album and featured Big Daddy Kane, Scoob Lover, Scrap Lover, Mister Cee, Lil' Daddy Shane and Ant Live.

I still know every line in that song.  Yesterday morning I went for a run by myself and needed to talk to myself to ensure I was keeping an appropriate pace.  I opened my mouth and rapped everyone's part from "Down the Line".  The album is 17 years old, but it's the first thing that came out when I started to run.

Big Daddy Kane was one of my favourite rappers because he had this seemingly effortless style and the smoothest delivery in the biz.  It made my day when he joined Ice Cube on "Burn Hollywood Burn", a cut from Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet.  It was a great song and Kane's contribution nicely complemented Chuck D and Ice Cube.

Here's the video which, unfortunately, had to be heavily censored to get any airtime.

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