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Paul Maurice and Jean-Sebastien Aubin


What did Jean-Sebastien Aubin ever do to piss off Paul Maurice so royally?

Guess who's getting the start in net for the Toronto Maple Leafs as we take on red hot Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils tonight?  That's right, Andrew Raycroft for the 26th game in a row.  The same Andrew Raycroft who bombed out the past couple of games, the same inconsistent Andrew Raycroft who was absolutely horrible last season and the same Andrew Raycroft who has a .895 save percentage this season.

Sure, Maurice will start Aubin on Saturday night, but he should start Aubin tonight and ride the hot hand Saturday if the Leafs come up with a win.  Maurice says he's just loyal to his starter, but I'm certain he's got a hate-on for Aubin.  That's the only explanation that makes sense to me.

If Raycroft has another mediocre game tonight and we continue this free fall, expect a big fat "told ya so" tomorrow morning.

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