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Show Tom Some Frick'n Respect


Denny Matthews is the Ford C. Frick Award winner.  Matthews is probably a fine broadcaster, covering the Kansas City Royals, but he's no Tom Cheek.

Removing my extremely biased perspective for a moment, Tom Cheek called Blue Jays games since day one, calling 4,306 of them in a row.  During that time Toronto won two World Series championships and a few additional division pennants.  Tom Cheek's no longer with us.

Dave Perkins wrote about this in today's Star, but I was thinking the exact same thing, I swear.  If Tom Cheek had called games in the United States of America, he'd have won the Ford C. Frick award long ago.  Of this I am certain.  There's a definite bias against recognizing baseball achievements in this country and Tom Cheek is a victim.

Next fall I'll urge you all to vote for Tom once more, but I'm losing hope that he'll ever make it to Cooperstown.  It's a Frick'n shame.

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