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I've always been fascinated by SEO and search rankings.  If you sell widgets, you want to be number one on Google for the search term "widgets".  If you don't sell widgets, you really should consider it.  I hear the widget market is about to explode.

I sometimes target keywords with this little hobby of mine, just to see what kind of organic ranking I can achieve.  I'm always surprised by how easy it is to pick the lower hanging fruit with just a little effort and know-how.

In a world where content is king, just writing about the topics you love will bring you search traffic for keywords associated with that topic.  For example, I love the Toronto Maple Leafs, The Tragically Hip and The Simpsons.  I get tons of traffic from people searching for Toronto Maple Leafs blogs, Bill Barilko, The Tragically Hip setlists and Homer Simpson quotes.

Here are the ten keywords that brought me the most search traffic in February of 2007.

  1. toronto maple leafs
  2. concert tickets
  3. jory steinberg
  4. wedding playlist
  5. big shiny tunes 2
  6. bill barilko
  7. concert ticket
  8. toronto blue jays
  9. big shiny tunes 3
  10. wedding playlists
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