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I Hate Wade Phillips


The Dallas Cowboys are about to make Wade Phillips their new head coach.  Wade Phillips is the main reason I no longer enjoy NFL football.

You see, Wade Phillips was coaching my Buffalo Bills back in the late 90s.  In 1999, Doug Flutie was coming off a Pro Bowl season and winning games for the Bills.  That's all he ever did in Buffalo.  A former Argo and CFL great, I loved Doug Flutie the way you love a sports idol.  His Bills jersey hangs in my closet today.  Flutie playing for the Bills was heaven and in 1999 he had us in the playoffs.

I'll never forget that AFC Wildcard game against Tennessee.  I watched the game at my friend's apartment at Young and Eg and, of course, I wore my #7.  For reasons that boggle the mind, Phillips didn't start the man who got him to the post-season.  He started Rob Johnson, the Rob Johnson who was blessed with the better arm but 1/10 the heart and soul of Flutie.  Rob Johnson, the man who played but two games during the regular season and threw but two touchdowns.  This decision broke my heart.

You know what happened next.  There was the Music City Miracle, Flutie was chased out of town and Rob Johnson went on to do squat.  He's now out of football, by the way, but it's too late.  The damage has been done.

Good luck Dallas.  With Wade Phillips, you can pray for a 9-7 season, but I'd bet on 8-8.  He's the reason I don't follow your league any more.

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