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When I log in to Gaim, I'm simultaneously logging in to three IM channels: GTalk, Yahoo! and MSN.  I've noticed a developing trend over the past year.

The Yahoo! users seem to be disappearing.  There was a time when the majority of my friends, family and acquaintances were using the Yahoo! Instant Messenger.  Today, it's rare I see anyone else joining me online.

As the YIM users have vanished, the GTalk users are increasing.  Without a doubt, Google has experienced the biggest increase in my non-scientific study.  In fact, many who were once faithful to YIM have gone to Google for their IMing.

The MSN users remain the same.  I think once you've decided to use the MSN messenger, you're not going to change.  You're not really the early adaptor, progressive type, are you?  While the MSN users remain the same, it's worth noting they're still the largest group.  GTalk is rising fast, but there's still a great deal of ground to make up.

If you're a YIM, MSN or GTalk user, and we've got exciting things to discuss, here are my usernames.

  • YIM: mikeboon
  • GTalk: mikeboon
  • MSN:
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