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Raymi is a local Toronto blogger who gushes words of wisdom at  I interviewed her a couple of years back and decided we needed a sequel.  Here's another interview with Raymi the Minx.

Q: Word Tutor defines a minx as "A seductive woman who uses her attractiveness to exploit men".  Are you exploiting men, and if you are, what's in it for you?
A: i came up with that name when i was 15 when i wanted to exploit men and then i did for a little while but not anymore, everyone got something out of the transaction i like to think.

Q: You've been blogging for quite a while now.  Is there an end game?  What's your blogging objective?
A: no end game per se, just something to do to keep my mind sharp, unless i lose the ability to use my fingers, there most likely will not be an end to writing, whether it be on my blog or somewhere else, who knows, i cannot fortell the future.  my objective is to be disgustingly rich and have a lot of plastic surgery i don't fucking know, what's your objective?  i've been asked this question numerous times, sorry.

Q: What kind of money are you making from your site?
A: that's a personal question and honestly do you expect me to  answer it?  how much does your mom make?  who is to say that i make any money off it at all.  i mean, i make money off the things i sell, books and junk and art.

Q: I parlayed my last interview with you into an interview with your buddy Matthew Good.  Are you friendly with Gord Downie?
A: no but can you get me his phone number?

Q: Speaking of Matthew Good, you wrote about touring with him.  How was that?  Spill the stuff you weren't allowed to write about on your site.
A: dude you did this segue matthew good shit last time fucking interview him if you want to know. i am not going to blab personal shit about my friend who happens to be famous in some internet emailed interview so all his fans can masturbate and cut themselves to it. i was drinking 85% of the time, it was a great time, late nites watching carnivale on the bus, great shows, blah etc.

Q: There are rumours on the internets that you're considering a move south of the 49th parallel.  Are you planning to move to Cali?
A: what the fuck? where did that come from? seriously that's funny.  give me the link to this rumor.

Q: You periodically post pictures of yourself in the nude.  I'm guessing this attracts a certain audience that visits for this purpose and this purpose alone.  If you stopped posting these pix, how many regular visitors do you suspect you'd lose?
A: i rarely post nudes my hits have not declined, my blog is more than my tits, granted a lot of retards read my blog but i see it my blog is for the retarded, it's like a learning manual for life or an AA meeting that never ends.

Q: What's your favourite song these days?
A: that gary jules cover of  mad world

Q: Did you vote yesterday?
A: no i have never voted

Q: Is there anything further you'd like to share?
A: can you not piss me off so much next time please, thanks.

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