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Fourth Blogiversary


It was four years ago today.  In the midst of a grunge resurgence of sorts, I decided it was time to ditch the old format in favour of a blog.  Blogs were starting appear here and there during my daily surfing and I was hooked on the format.  I liked to write about junk and a blog let me do just that.

Although I haven't made much money from blogging per se, the blog itself has led to a few paying gigs.  More importantly, I've met some interesting people and had a few cool adventures simply because I'm Toronto Mike.  I'm still buds with Custom who keeps me well supplied with the coolest tunes you've never heard and I've become very good friends with Humble who's taken me flying, hooked me up with Leafs tickets and gives me the real low-down on the world of radio I'm not allowed to write about.  Most importantly, I've learnt a great deal about myself.

Although the majority of these 5000+ entries are about the Leafs or The Simpsons or The Hip or the hot topic of moment, a few are quite personal.  Every once in a while I use this forum to dig deep and figure stuff out.  There's my battle with Catholicism and a bunch of other emotional entries littered throughout.  I can honestly say I feel better about things once I've written about them and discovered what I truly feel.  Writing is my passion.  You should see the blog entries I won't publish.

It's been a fun four years.  Let's go for five.

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