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Blinky Is Looking Better


I saw Blinky again yesterday.  Blinky is the talking, blinking police car that was all around when I was a kid.  He's a mascot of sorts for the Metropolitan Toronto Police to promote children's safety.  He was participating in the Santa Claus Parade as he always does.

Last year I wrote this upon returning from the parade.  Blinky looked rough, and it was tough to see him like that.  From previous parades I knew he could no longer drive on his own and he had stopped talking, but with one eye partially closed he looked out of sorts, hung over even.  Here's the photo I took last year that upset me so.

Yesterday, both eyes were open and Blinky looked content.  I don't care that he can't drive himself anymore or that he's lost his voice, I just want to see him out there enjoying the parade.

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