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Songbird's Second Shot


It's been eight months since I first downloaded and tried Songbird.  Back then it was a "proof of concept" and it kept crashing on me.  I ended up going back to iTunes for my MP3 playing needs.

I want to use Songbird.  It's open source and seems to get it.  I'm itching to kick iTunes to the curb and fly solo with Songbird.  The version I played with today is Songbird 0.2 Developer Preview RC2 and it's much better.  It was stable and the features have come a long way.  You're not only playing files in your personal library but you can easily scrape media files from the web and play them as if they're local.  You use the thing as a web browser, click a link to an MP3 and play.  You can add the song to your playlist, download it to your library grab the lyrics or whatever.  It's easy to search the web for media too.  Again, you're not just playing your files, you're playing the web.

It's not quite as fast as I'd like it to be and it still has a ways to go before I'll ridicule people who haven't made the switch, but things are looking up.  I'm going to use it throughout the week to see if it sticks.  Maybe I'll get lucky and FoxyTunes will release an update that works with it.

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