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Maple Leafs 2, Montreal Canadiens 3


In shocking news, the Leafs lost another shootout.  Of all the games not to play Suglobov...

To make things worse, I had to watch our loss from a Bowlerama with a Habs fan amongst the members of Raging Storm.  Habs fans are the most irritating and annoying creatures on the planet.  When Michael Ryder scored and I heard that scream of joy, I wanted to slit my wrists.

By the way, after the Hockey Night in Canada "Lonely End of the Rink" opening, Ron McLean told us that would appear on the new Hip album, Container World.  Hearing the slip, all I could think about was Spatula City from "UHF".

Current Record Last GamesSeason Leaders1-1-1
3 points
2nd in Northeast3-2 SOL vs. Montreal
6-0 Win vs. Ottawa
4-1 Loss vs. OttawaK. Wellwood - 5
M. Sundin - 4
D. Tucker - 3

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