musicI don't think I've ever written about Madonna. Reading a discussion about how the latest Jessica Simpson song sounds just like Madonna's "Holiday" got me thinking about the early 80s material girl which has led to this entry. Madonna means nothing to me, but it wasn't always that way.

There was a time when I actually owned Madonna cassettes. We can blame the "Like A Virgin" video for this. I saw it as a youngster and liked what I saw. Once I got the cassette, I liked the rest of the album too. She was young, she was sexy and her songs were poppy fun, perfect for a ten year old. When True Blue came out in 1986, I was still interested enough to buy that cassette. I was digging it too, until some time around the release of "La Isla Bonita" when I hit the Madonna wall. I was done.

I haven't cared for Madonna since. I realize she's had countless hits since True Blue but I couldn't care less. She's been this mega pop icon that I've successfully managed to block out with blinders. The world drools over her and I walk gingerly by trying to avoid the puddles. Have your Madonna, I don't want her.

I liked Like A Virgin though. I'll never get tired of that video.

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