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Have you noticed yourself visiting YouTube more and more often these past few months?  I've certainly been watching more videos over there, and if you look hard enough, you're bound to find some gems.

Below are some of my favourite videos currently available at YouTube.  As I review my selection, I see there's an awful lot of Canadiana here, so it's fitting I share this on a long Canada Day weekend.

Unable to find a single reference to Bill Barilko, I took it upon myself to upload a few clips I've collected from other sites.  He's our Buddy Holly, immortalized by the Hip's "Fifty Mission Cap", and scorer of the 1951 Stanley Cup winner for my beloved Maple Leafs.  Every year, his legend grows.  Here is Bill Barilko's last goal.

Update: Here are a few more gems that either came to me later or were suggested in the comments.

These are a few of my favourites.  Please share yours in the comments below.

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