I'm Curious, George

tvWhen my Mr. Bergstrom took the gig at ABC to host "The One", I wondered if it was the beginning of the end of George Stroumboulopoulos' career in Canada. It may, in fact, have the opposite effect.

In the United States, Tuesday night's broadcast of "The One: Making a Music Star" was the lowest rated series debut in ABC history and the lowest ranked premiere of any reality show on any major U.S. network ever. I just read that in today's Globe & Mail, so you know it's true. Wednesday's broadcast was reportedly worse. It's clearly a dog with fleas and should keep George around a little longer. My question for Mr. Stroumboulopoulos is why? Why would an intelligent, interesting guy who hosts a cool show like "The Hour" want to host an "American Idol" clone? Does he really want to be Ryan Seacrest? Wouldn't he rather be Jon Stewart or Walter Kronkite?

Funnily enough, these craptacular ratings have forced ABC to stop repeating the two-hour Tuesday night show which means they can move back the one hour Wednesday night show to 8pm, meaning the great controversy over the moving of "The National" is over. "The National" is back, baby... and soon Georgie boy will be back, too.

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