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Harold Hosein Hosed


Ask a Torontonian to name a weatherman and he'll likely say Harold Hosein.  Ask me about the weather and I'm likely to slip into a Harold Hosein accent and tell you to bring an umbrella or sweater.  For seventeen years Hosein's been on City-TV, standing on that roof or street telling us what the weather will be like, but that chapter's been slammed shut.  Hosein has been canned.

Is Harold Hosein the fall guy for City-TV's inept news ratings?  City-TV currently ranks a distant third when it comes to local Toronto news, behind CTV and Global.  Are they really pinning that on the weather guy?  It surely can't have anything to do with Gordo and that bint (his term, not mine) who have anchored that desk for the past trillion years or so.

So long, Harold.  Don't forget a hat and sunscreen, it's going to be sunny.

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