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Zanta, A Toronto Institution

Just about every Torontonian has crossed the path of Zanta.  He's difficult to miss, wearing a Santa hat and no shirt while cruising our streets and dropping for pushups here and there.  He does this 364 days a year.  Occasionally you'll read about the banning of Zanta from parts of the city or the return of Zanta.  I saw him at both the Toronto Santa Claus parade and St. Patrick's Day parade.  He's literally all over the place.

Zanta has his own Wikipedia page and a documentary was made about him.  It turns out his real name is David Zancai and he adopted he character of Zanta when his daughter was taken out of his custody.

He's either a mad genius or crazy and scary as hell.  I suspect it's a little from column A and a little from column B.  One thing's for certain, if you're going to live in the T.Dot, you're going to cross his path sooner or later.

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