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Songbird Proof of Concept


Songbird, the highly anticipated open-source media player from Rob Lord and the gang, built on the same platform as Firefox, was released today as a "proof of concept".  The official site was impossible to access, but I managed to download the installation file from a mirror.

Songbird crashed the first time I opened it, and the second time, and the third time.  I uninstalled and reinstalled, but this pattern continued.  Eventually, I learned the secret.  If I let it hang for about five minutes in the task bar, she'd perk up and actually open.  As frustrating as this was, I knew it was merely a proof of concept and I wanted to give this open source iTunes killer a whirl.

Songbird looks cool, all decked out in a mettalic black.  It also looks a lot like iTunes, which is a good thing.  Like a kid on Christmas morning, I excitedly added my music folder to my new Songbird library.  This was a mistake.  1141 complete albums and 17,024 MP3s was a lot for this preview release to digest and while using over 90% of my CPU it spent the next hour digesting this grandiose meal until I finally pulled the plug.  Oink oink, baby.

With about 15% of my collection indexed, I started shuffling, making playlists and giving it a thorough test drive.  Not bad... The concept has been effectivey proven.  With the bugs ironed out, especially that damn xulrunner.exe error I kept getting, and a diet, because right now it's a bloated resource hog, I see great potential.

I'm looking forward to the next release.  Until then, it's back to the proprietary and evil iTunes.

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