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Norm MacDonald vs. Frank the Beaver

Few comedians make me laugh as consistently as Norm MacDonald.  From his work on "Saturday Night Live" to his priceless appearances on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien", his role as Death on "Family Guy" and his work in many an Adam Sandler comedy, he's one funny mofo.  The fact he's Canadian is a total bonus.

If you've been watching any Olympic coverage on CBC this weekend, you've probably heard Norm MacDonald's voice dozens and dozens of times.  He's currently "starring" as the voice of Frank the beaver in those Bell ads their airing ad nausea.  I suppose a pay cheque is a pay cheque and Norm must have needed one pretty bad.  It's not so much that the ads are horrible, it's just that they're beneath him.  Hocking wares for Bell Canada in a national advertising campaign is more in Mike Bullard or Colin Mochrie's territory.

Here's hoping Norm lands on his feet with roles more suited for a man of his hilarity.  Here's hoping Frank the beaver doesn't dilute the talent of Frank from "Billy Madison".

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