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My Ten Favourite Movies Of All-Time


I've seen a lot of bad movies in my life, but I've also been lucky enough to see a lot of great ones.  I've always maintained a list of my ten favourite flicks of all-time, which is a surprisingly difficult challenge.  For short periods of time I might be completely into one movie or another, boosting them into the top ten, but over time the same core of movies seem to persevere.

Here is my current top ten:

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. Goodfellas
  3. Reservoir Dogs
  4. The Shawshank Redemption
  5. Fight Club
  6. Kill Bill - Volumes 1&2
  7. The Usual Suspects
  8. Office Space
  9. The Godfather: Part II
  10. Big Fish

Agree or disagree, just keep in mind how completely subjective this practice is.

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