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When Firefox 1.5 was released the other day, I was quick to install it.  It truly creates a better web experience and I encourage all of you to download and install it right now.

One of my favourite Firefox extensions is Adblock which filters ads from web pages.  I've been using Adblock for quite some time but when I first installed Firefox 1.5 I noticed a few Flash display issues so I disabled Adblock until they released a version that works properly with Firefox 1.5.  For one thing, the music players on this page and this page wouldn't display until I disabled Adblock.  Visiting my regular suite of sites without Adblock enabled was like drifting through a minefield of ads.  I totally forgot how many obtrusive image and flash ads were littered on a number of sites I visit daily.

Thankfully, there seems to be a new release of Adblock so I can kiss these ads goodbye once more.  Firefox + Adblock = ♥

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