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Poor Blinky


James and I attended the 101st annual Santa Claus Parade this afternoon.  We had a blast and you can see some of the action by visiting my 2005 Santa Claus Parade photoset.

Whereas last year we set up shop near Queens Park station, this time we opted to move closer to the start of the parade, parking ourselves just a little east of Christie on the south side of Bloor Street.  It was a fantastic show, but one of the first sites is that of a dilapidated Blinky.  I'm old enough to remember a healthy, strong Blinky.  He'd drive along the parade route talking to us and opening and closing his eyes as he went.  He was a definite highlight, a talking and blinking car that was actually mobile.

Here's the Blinky I saw earlier today.  He can no longer be driven, so now he's towed on a trailer by a pick up truck.  Sadly, Blinky can no longer blink either.  In fact, one of his eyes won't open at all.  He's in bad shape and it's tough to see him paraded around like that.

Poor Blinky.

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