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The Demise of the Dull Moment


With James completely full of beans and Michelle fully morphed into an actual person with a personality and curiosity of her very own there truly is never a dull moment around these parts.  Dull moments have disappeared completely from our lives.

One moment James is a full fledged pirate complete with sword, pirate-speak and a parrot on the shoulder.  The next moment he's an independent contractor roaming the home for projects and things to fix.  When he's James the Fixer, he's decked out in overalls and a yellow hard hat Grandma got for him.  Sometimes he's a boxer ready to go twelve rounds with Daddy or Buzz Lightyear preparing to go to infinity and beyond.  When he's not in character, he's a typical boisterous and mischievous three year old which helps explain the lack of dull moments.  The fantasy worlds he concocts are impassioned.

Then, there's fourteen month old Michelle and a boisterous curiosity of a different nature.  She's not as full of beans but she's awfully inquisitive and a virtual sponge absorbing the world around her.  She's jetting up and down the stairs with ease and investigating every nook and cranny of the home.  She'll pick up the DVD she wants to see and bring it to you, then she'll proceed to the DVD player and point to it.  The orders are clear.  She'll sing along to the alphabet song and nail great chunks of it, impressing the crap out of her old man.  If she sees a dog, she'll point and say "doggie" and if you ask her what a doggie says, she'll give you a bark.

Both kids are awfully happy and good to each other.  They're clearly bright, interesting, addictive personalities that I can't get my fill of.  The dull moment is officially dead and I couldn't be happier.

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