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I'm So Damn Weak, I Sicken Myself


All week long I've been ticked off that tonight's Leafs game was only on Leafs TV which is only available to subscribers.  After dinner tonight I started to feel the shakes like a drug addict in need of his fix.  In a great moment of weakness, I ordered Leafs TV.

I was so upset with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment for keeping 13 games for themselves, I was planning on punishing them by not subscribing to their damn channel.  Then, I looked into it and learned Leafs TV would cost me a whopping $2.49 a month.  I'm a poor bastard, but $2.49 a month is a couple of double doubles at Tim's.  Even I can handle that.  I'm so damn weak.

MLSE has this city by the balls and they know it.

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