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I had a blast at the Pearl Jam concert and was lucky enough to witness first hand "Rockin' in the Free World" with Ed and Bono taking turns on the mic.  It truly was one of those moments.

Back in August I wrote about Pearl Jam's decision to release 192 kbps non-DRM digital downloads of their live shows for $9.99 USD.  Today, I decided to give this process a whirl and download a copy of my show.

I had to download an application that runs in Java, but it was very easy to use and it took me seconds to order the show from September 19, enter my credit card info and begin the download.  The entire 259 MB download only took a few minutes and along with my 192 kbps non-DRM MP3s I got a number of high quality pictures like this one and liner notes / covers in PDF.

Had these not been DRM-free, high quality MP3s, I'd have taken a pass.  The Tragically Hip offered a similar deal but they opted to make their MP3s available as 128 kbps MP3s.  Close, but no cigar.  Pearl Jam just seems to get it.

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