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Six Feet Under: RIP


Last night's season finale of "Six Feet Under" was a surprisingly fulfilling affair.  After sixty minutes, there was a natural ending point and the screen faded to white, but the show wasn't over.  There was a remarkable ten minutes at the conclusion.

During this ten minute manic sequence we see the fate of all the principle characters.  We see them wed, who's at their weddings, we watch them die and see the customary fade to white as their age at the time of death is revealed.  The music, the style and the delivery of this detail was just awesome.  It was the perfect ending to a tremendous show that made one fact abundantly clear.  We're all going to die someday.

I suppose The Flaming Lips say it best in "Do You Realize?"  Everyone you know someday will die.  It's non-negotiable.

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