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What's The Deal With Dave Chappelle?


By now, fans of "Chappelle's Show" know production of the third season has been suspended by Comedy Central.  It's been days since this announcement, but there's still no word on the official cause of this delay.  What's the deal with Dave Chappelle?

There are a few theories being bandied about.  Perhaps the pressure become too much for Chappelle and he cracked.  Perhaps Chappelle has a substance abuse issue or has been partying too hard.  Maybe Chappelle's vision of his show clashed with Comedy Central's and this has caused the rift.

I don't have the answer, but Chappelle is a damn funny guy and his show and recent special "For What It's Worth" caused me to laugh my ass off.  Comedic geniuses of this nature are few and far between.  To be this funny requires a serious dark side.  I suspect he's had a break down and is unable to fulfill his current season three obligations.  It's the only plausible explanation that I'm buying.

Chappelle is broken and we need him fixed.  The world needs laughter.

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