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As previously discussed, the House of Commons in Ottawa held an interesting vote the other day.  Monte Solberg, an M.P. from Medicine Hat, blogged the event from the House of Commons during the vote via his BlackBerry Wireless Handheld.  Here's his entry:

I hope this posts. Am blogging from my blackberry in the House where I have just voted for our non-confidence motion. The Libs are trying hard to play this down. They have two cabinet ministers out, Efford and Cotler. We'll win, but they'll claim it's non confidence.
Pretty unhappy campers over there! They can't believe that their iron-grip on power and pocketnooks might be loosed. Kilgour just voted with the Libs. Hmmm. 153 to 150. We win!

This is no small event.  This is a significant first as far as I can tell.  Solberg relayed his opinions and observations to his constituents and everyone else in the world in real-time as it happened.  I see this as the future of communication, instant access to information, opinion, and historic occurrences.  It's awesome and this is just the beginning.

Unfortunately, Solberg is a member of the Conservative Party, but even that won't stop me from giving him his props.

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