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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following submission earlier today.

Canada is still the number one nation in hockey. From what I read only 8 of the squad played in any league this season hence reaching the final is a great testimate to their skills. Oh & Ryan Smyth is the boss!!
Although I am Indian, in the areas of music, sports (mainly hockey) & movies - I am Canadian. Barenaked Ladies are the best!!

I whole heartedly agree that Canada is the number one nation in hockey.  There's no doubt.  Sure, we finished a disappointing second in this year's World Championship, but we won this tournament the last two years as well as the World Cup of Hockey in late summer and the last Olympic gold medal.  We're ranked number one for a reason, we're the best.

Since you mentioned the Barenaked Ladies, I feel obliged to trot down memory lane to a time long ago when I went to Sam the Record Man near Yonge and Dundas to pick up their indie cassette.  It included a few tunes that would later appear on Gordon as well as a fun cover of Public Enemy's "Fight the Power".  In these early days of Barenaked mania, an hour didn't go by when they weren't being spun on CFNY.  Funnily enough, CFNY Edge 102 won't touch the band now.  They've gone way too MOR, but we'll always have the memories of that awesome indie cassette.  Drove downtown in the rain...

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