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Ferberizing Michelle

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I must say, you're a far wiser parent with your second kid thanks to your expierience raising your first kid.  James was almost two years old when we ferberized him and he's happily slept through the night in his own room ever since.

Back then, Taryn had read about the Ferber method, and about the philosophies of Dr. Richard Ferber on teaching your baby how to sleep.  We bought his book "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems" and began "Ferberizing" James.  After a couple of restless night, the method worked like a charm.  With Michelle we weren't going to wait until she was 22 months old, we decided to Ferberize her at eight months.

As with James there was a couple of rough sleepless nights as we took turns getting up and patting her on the back for a few seconds to reassure her, but that was about it.  Michelle is now in her crib at about 19:30 for her nightly sleep and she'll sleep there until 06:00 the next morning.  With two kids sleeping in their own beds through the night, we're well on our way to ultimate parental bliss.

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