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11 Years Ago Today


Eleven years ago today I learned Kurt Cobain had killed himself.  On the tenth anniversary of his death, I wrote this entry in which I shared the method by which I dealt with this unexpected blow to my idolship.  I listened to nothing but Nirvana for weeks and weeks.

I've been using Audioscrobbler to track the tunes I play on my computers for the past eleven months, and that has produced this cool synopsis of the bands and tunes I've listened to the most.  On the top of the chart by a pretty decent margin is Nirvana leading The Tragically Hip 1513 to 1133.

The numbers don't lie, I'm more likely to play a tune from Nirvana than any other artist on the planet.  It isn't because I'm still grieving eleven years later but because the catalogue of music Kurt left behind is absolutely awesome.

I suspect I'll be subconsciously gravitating towards these tunes in 2016 as well.

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