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What Will Become Of The Next One?


One thing I've wondered regarding the NHL lock out is what will become of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft.  This is Sydney Crosby's draft year and it's been awhile since a draft has had a player of this elite stature.

If they somehow agree to a draft, how do they determine who gets this awesome first pick?  If they don't have a draft, what happens when the NHL resumes?  Does Crosby and the other '86ers go into the next draft or are they unrestricted free agents?

As a Leafs fan, I'm quietly wondering if this might be a silver lining in the clouds.  If they decide to make all players who missed the draft due to the lock out free agents, isn't it possible that the deep pocketed Maple Leafs go for broke and bring us that elusive megastar?  Imagine Crosby in blue and white without having to finish out of the playoffs to get him.  It is a possibility.

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