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re: bernardo/homolka case: I hear you, but in all honestly...if he wasn't the one pulling the strings ..then do we risk another young girl to find out? Will anyone honestly give her a break to live "normally" ? For sure, The Crown is, IMHO, wrong to release her..but IF another young girl goes missing, at the hands of this demon, then will they go "Oops"?!

      The Lyon

When the Crown and Holmolka's lawyers struck this deal, both sides agreed that she'd be freed from prison in twelve years. Even if it's a crappy deal from our perspective, a deal's still a deal. The reason they have to release her is to protect the integrity of deals made with the Crown. If they were to scrap this particular deal, there would cease to be any value in such a deal. Would you make a deal with a party if you knew they could reneg on it should they change their mind while you were in prison?

A deal's a deal. As I said, your beef is with the Crown.

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