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The Nature of Time


I'm a big fan of "Fight Club".  You'll find it at #5 on my list of ten favourite flicks and I've watched the DVD several times.  One of my favourite scenes in this great movie is the closing shot of buildings collapsing while Jack and Marla look out the window.  At least it was one of my favourite shots until that day in September 2001.

After watching the horrors of 9/11 unfold on CNN the "building-collapse" scene from "Fight Club" lost all coolness.  It became difficult to watch without thinking of that day and the two towers collapsing into rubble taking thousands of lives with them.  This was the case for about two years afterwards, but then, as it always does, the nature of time kicked in.

I just watched a few scenes from "Fight Club" on my PC, including that one, and I didn't think about 9/11 once.  Afterwards it occurred to me that time had healed that psychological wound.  We're about three and a half years removed from that act of terrorism and although I can look back and remember the overwhelming fear and sadness of the day I didn't see the World Trade Center collapsing before the eyes of Jack and Marla, I saw credit card companies crumbling to the ground setting us free.

I am Jack's broken heart.  Time has soldiered on and dulled the pain.

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