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Scars vs. Five Long Years

S vs. 5LY

On Christmas Day I told my brothers "Scars" would do for Papa Roach what "The Reason" did for Hoobastank.  "Scars" is a hook-laden pop-rock single that's destined to be a big hit.  It's just starting to break on CFNY Edge 102 and I suspect it will eventually chart on Chum FM, Mix 99.9 and the rest of the MOR stations.

"Scars" isn't a bad song, in fact, I kind of like it, but it's so catchy and obviously generated for mass appeal I'm fairly certain I'll be sick of it by the New Year.  I'm so personally undecided about this song, I've yet to submit it for SLS13 consideration.

Whenever I hear "Scars" on the radio or on the new Papa Roach album I have, I clearly hear Colin James' "Five Long Years" about two thirds of the way through it.  Perhaps it's my CanCon upbringing, but I'm sure it's there.  I'm so certain, I welcome you to download this MP3 of Colin James' "Five Long Years" to hear for yourself.

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