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I'm Cancelling The Season

I'm Cancelling The Season

Driving the snow lined streets of Toronto this afternoon, I started thinking about hockey.  I realized it was Christmas Eve and the 2004/2005 NHL hockey season has yet to begin.  With the NHL and NHLPA deeply entrenched in a pissing contest, everybody is looking at January 14th, 2005, the day the NHL board of governors are set to meet, as the day the season is likely cancelled.

This hockey fan has no interest in waiting three weeks for the NHL to confirm the worst.  I'm taking action today.  I'm cancelling the entire 2004/2005 NHL season.

It's a damn shame, but life will go on.  We have the junior tournament kicking off tomorrow and I'll continue to follow the AHL Maple Leafs.  There's NFL playoff action right around the corner, hopefully improved play from the Raptors and, before you know it, spring training will open in Dunedin.

The last thing I wanted to do when I awoke this morning was cancel this season, but it's a virtual inevitability and I've grown sick and tired of this entire selfish debacle.  I've cut the cord enabling us to make other plans to get us deep into the spring.  I will not suffer another week with the Sword of Damocles dangling above.  We, the fans, are taking the power back.

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