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I don't mean to be redundant. This has been addressed all ready on this site, but I can't for one moment understand why more is not being done by those countries who are more fortunate.

I am infuriated with the U.S. but that is no surprise as I feel this way about 3 times a week. They do very little in comparison to what they have. Can they not think back to 911 the feeling of a country in dissaray? Would that not make them understand that these countries affected by the Tsunami would feel - amplified by 100?

But as a proud Canadian the lack of action with DART when it would be responsible for saving so many lives sickens me. I continue to be baffled by this lack of action. Employ the DART, help out a country in need. Let's help as many people as we can survive in to 2005 and the future!!!

I am not a believer in resolutions for the New Year, but I hope the Government of the U.S, Canada and other countries are. Bush, help out with more than a measly few million dollars. Martin, deploy the DART!!! Stop making this proud Canadian feel ashamed!

PS GOOD CHARLOTTE SUCKS! But I bet those losers would still send the DART.

      Irate North American

You raise an interesting question. Would Good Charlotte have deployed the DART to south and east Asia if Good Charlotte had such power? I'd like to think they would as the DART is ideal for a horrific event of this nature. It makes good sense to offer the services of the DART where there is a desperate need for water purification, but would the idiots from Good Charlotte do the right thing? Don't count on it.

Here's another question for you to ponder. If this didn't get Paul Martin to cut his Morocco Christmas vacation short, what would? Returning to Canada at once would have been the act of a great leader. Martin is no great leader.

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